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Though she does admit she was put off by Ambrosius’ 2007 mixtape entitled counts as the first Floetry album in six years— though Ambrosius is nowhere to be heard on it.“I did everything I could to get Marsha on the record and the best I could do was to do a re-interpretation of “Say Yes” to honor the 10 years.Marsha's love life and baby making hasn't stopped her from making good music.She's expected to release a new album titled, Nyla.“Writing has always been my first love and music came to me.” Stewart, who describes herself as an army brat, was born in Germany but was quickly uprooted, with her family, and moved to Hong Kong where she began school. Not only did they pen hits for themselves, like “Say Yes” and “Getting Late they also collaborated with other notable artists like Jill Scott, Bilal and Michael Jackson., Ambrosius and Stewart have been rumored to have shared some bad blood but it appears they have hashed things out.“Floetry is a genre and over the next 10 years I hope to be able to assist more artists to create their own floetry.” Stewart looks back on Floetry with fondness, though attention was never what she was seeking.“I never actually grew up saying I wanted to be a recording artist. I was a writer and a performer who studied theater,” she explains.

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Marsha Ambrosius’ life is full of good things these days.The duo performed the fan favorites "Say Yes" and "Floetic." In July, Ambrosius seemed to have no interest in anything to do with her former bandmate."When we first started out, I was already writing and producing. "I called her to do a song called 'Fantasize' I already had and put some poetry to it, and it became a fusion of two solo artists that did something awesome together. The captions for each featured lyrics from her latest long, “Luh Ya.” The track was actually co-written by Phillips. the look in your eyes, the feel, the warmest touch of your hand…" #LUHYA 💕 Spotify, i Tunes & Google Play AVAILABLE NOW link is in bio PRODUCED BY @harmony.hmoney.samuels my vox @mixedbymorning co-written @dezsofly 💕A post shared by marshaambrosius (@marshaambrosius) on "… If her dad is singing to her, or dancing, or playing with her it’s all brand new to this human being, this new human being that’s ours, so that by itself is just so beautiful. Like every sleepless night, every moment is like a new moment, you know? Granted, she’s only a few months old so she won’t remember any of it, but nonetheless, the pictures from their family trip were adorable. My ABC’s and 1-2-3’s and all of these melodies that my kid doesn’t know yet.