Who is jay kay dating 2016

‘Sophie was married for a short time but things haven’t worked out.Of course he completely respected her relationship and remained a perfect gentleman,’ they go on.

Remember, without her there would be no Grey De Lisle. I remember her for her impeccable Daphne, her brilliantly passionate and energetic work on South Park... Mr Kay, 45, asked Angel to leave his Horsenden Manor home in Princes Risborough, Bucks., after she repeatedly turned up at his home over a six month period.But she was relentless, confessing through his intercom: "I am not going to give up on you.'Back-to-back [shows] on the bus, 650 miles to Austria, straight on stage pretty much after only a couple of hours sleep ’cause the adrenalin won’t let you.But you come off at 2am, after that last number, and you’re hyped.