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But I have a new friend that I actually went to high school with that has moved to New York, and she's going to be on the show.And she's actually a really close friend of mine; I really do trust her.""I ask a lot of questions. If a guy is completely narcissistic and not asking you anything or interested in you, then that's a turnoff and that's not okay.""My sense of style varies day to day.“Being on television definitely wasn’t impressive or a goal of mine.I went into it thinking this will help my fashion career, basically. I was very reserved and shy.”Yet, despite her rather undramatic personality, Port shined even when conflict-prone Lauren Conrad was in the room and still does now among her rambunctious ‘City’ castmates.

And in “The City,” she still seems a bit misplaced among her fellow castmates: the impulsive Roxy Olin, the ambitious Erin Kaplan and the mutinous Olivia Palermo.“I was a normal 20-year-old student,” says Whitney Port, now 24.

I think that if you're into a person and you want them to like you back, being curious and interested in what they have to say is an attractive quality to them. One day I could be really sloppy and just wear a T-shirt and sweats, and the next day I want to be more sophisticated and classy.

I like the easygoing atmosphere of Los Angeles, so I always like to be comfortable.""I'm thinking back to all my boyfriends and they're all so different, but I know that the personality qualities are all pretty similar. And I need someone that's going to be a good listener, which is hard to find in men.""I'm not really in communication right now with Jay.

Check out these exclusive pics and quotes from Whitney Port's Seventeen October issue cover shoot, where The City star breaks the silence on her current status with Jay and where she really sees herself in five years."I'd say everyone on The City are all real friends.

They're just not ones whom I've known since I was young.