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Since it is closely integrated with Acquia Cloud, using Acquia Dev Desktop can be the easiest way to import your application into Acquia Cloud.

This section assumes that you have already installed Acquia Dev Desktop and synced it with your applications on Acquia Cloud.

Here are some tips to get your Drupal 7 site updated today!

This is the "OMG I don't have time to update Drupal core right now" option.

The particular vulnerability that caused "Drupageddon" has been around since the inception of Drupal 7, which was officially released in 2011.

So, for at least 3 years, every time we've fixed a security flaw, we've thought, "It's fixed now, so there's nothing to worry about." ...

Updating Drupal Core is a process that is aready documented in many other place including the offiial Drupal handbook.

However, there are some issues with installation profiles when updating Drupal core that we want to emphasize here.

It's easy to think, "Well, it's fixed now, so there's nothing to worry about." But I think that's shortsighted.One of the major ways in which Drupal differentiates itself from other content management systems is its remarkably high focus on security.That is why, Drupal developers release security updates on a frequent basis.he fundamental truth in software industry is that no software is ever final.Developers and users always discover improvements and then, updates are duly required.