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Outside of the city there are many outdoor opportunities that are popular with both locals and visitors including hiking tours around the mountainous surrounding region.Peshawar is not without its modern amenities for those who enjoy shopping or dining out in style.This short literary survey scans the contemporary and near contemporary historical sources spanning over a little more than three centuries commencing with the visit of Babur in 1519 (Talbot 1909: 153; Jaffari 2007: 204) down to that of Mohan Lai in 1 832 (Lai 1 846: 5 1 ff).The survey turned out to be significant in that the internal evidence hidden in each source presents a stage in the life of this widely known place of pilgrimage of the Hindus and consequently paved way for the construction of a temple whose architectural remains still survive.

Watch the gripping trailer here: Project Peshawar has been shot in Peshawar, as well as in the UK and Canada.Summers in the city are very hot, so many choose to visit either side of June and July when temperatures are more bearable, especially those who will be undertaking outdoor activities such as hiking.While cheap flights to Peshawar can be found all year round, it always helps to book early to find the lowest fares.This is what we know so far:• All militants have been killed and the siege is over, police say.• 141 people, including 132 children, have been killed and 114 injured• A teacher was reportedly burned alive in front of pupils and children were shot in the head.• The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (Pakistani Taliban) has claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was in revenge for an anti-terrorist military offensive.• Spokesman Muhammad Khorasani said it was "just the trailer” to further attacks.A Taliban spokesman said the army was being targeted and militants had been told not to harm young children.• Eyewitnesses said the attackers were dressed as soldiers and opened fire at random, detonating an unknown number of suicide bombs.• David Cameron expressed his sympathy on Twitter, calling the targeting of a school "horrifying" and "deeply shocking" and political leaders around the world have condemned the massacre.