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She’s his type – petite, dark-skinned, exotic beauty, full lips. So was Michael fooling around with Nicole while he was with Zoe? For what it’s worth, I’ve never been completely sure that Michael and Zoe were as “couple-y” as was assumed. Oh, and over the past few months, there have been rumors and “sightings” of Fassy with an unnamed dark-skinned beauty – so maybe it’s been going on for a while? Is it one of those “we worked together a year ago and now we’re dating” things? I always think that the people were hooking up as they working together.He further added that he didn't date Nicole while filming their movie However, news about their split grabbed headlines all over the media in early 2013 reporting that the newbie couple broke up!Moving around all the time, you just have to keep yourself entertained.The mystery man has a red beard, which raised suspicion as to whether it's Fassbender. Fassbender has been previously linked to British Olympian Louise Hazel as well as Zoe Kravitz and Nicole Beharie.Aside from Butler, Ghenea dated Leonardo Di Caprio in 2011.“It’s fun to a point,” he tells the mag, “and after a certain point you worry that it kind of detracts from the movie. “I’m seeing Nicole; we’re trying to see each other as often as possible,” he says. So, yeah, it just sort of unfolded like that.” His candor continued as he admitted to feeling some major disappointment when he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for “Shame,” mostly because he had so many people telling him he was a shoo-in. Because I take my work seriously but I can’t take myself too seriously.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the handsome British hunk confessed that he was dating Nicole and have been spending a lot of time together.

While neither has confirmed their supposed love affair, Ghenea did post a photo on Facebook, which further sparks the rumors. Though the lady's identity wasn't confirmed, she reportedly held a close resemblance to Ghenea.

In the pic, her face is fully visible with an unidentifiable man's face brushing up against hers. Neither are strangers to having good-looking partners.

The 34-year-old starred opposite Beharie in the Steve Mc Queen-directed film about a sex addict living in New York City.

Beharie played a love interest for Fassbender's character.